Real Estate-focused Insurance

Innova Risk Management is a commercial insurance specialty firm with a particular focus on co-op and condominium coverage. Innova begins by completing a comprehensive risk analysis of each building and its Board of Directors' needs, and then puts together a formal recommendation on the most efficient, and cost-effective way to protect the building's exposures.

Our seasoned team of insurance experts can tap into a wide range of real estate insurance programs and provide coverage policies that will minimize claim issues and, most importantly, proactively reduce the amount of exposure and risk. In addition, each Innova client is provided with a dedicated claims unit instead of the standard insurance carrier or claim support. Our claims unit is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides the most responsive support possible. Coverage for co-op and condo operations includes:

Originally designed by the principals of Innova, we are one of only a few brokers that have access to this exclusive insurance program that would ensure the appropriate replacement cost of commercial buildings in New York. Unlike most replacement cost policies that leave a property undervalued and underinsured, Innova can provide its New York-based commercial clients with the Guaranteed Replacement Costs Policy that ensures the appropriate replacement cost of a commercial building.