Water Loss/Mold Protocol

Prevention and mitigation of water loss and mold damage are important issues to address for every property owner. Because insurance carriers often eliminate or highly restrict coverage based on these issues, Innova Risk Management works with its clients to reduce any increased exposure to these types of risks.

Innova highly recommends a proactive, annual inspection of all building units to identify any and all signs of water leaks and subsequent mold and mildew build-up. A successful inspection would include review of any water stains around windows, doorframes, baseboards and ceilings, identifying musty odors coming from carpeting or near plumbing fixtures, sings of buckling floors and/or a thorough review of attic and roof space for any other signs that could go undetected.

As this kind of inspection may seem unnecessary or intrusive by a few or more of the building occupants, it should be clearly and effectively communicated that the side effects of mold and/or mildew build-up not only deterioriates the aesthetics of the building and property of the occupant, but also that its presence can lead to serious health issues. Gain acceptance of this annual inspection by outlining the benefits received and the potential consequences if it is not completed on a timely basis.